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Arturo Márquez

(geb. 1950, Mexico)

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De Juárez a Maximiliano (2006)

This brief tone poem depicts the confrontation between Benito Juárez, President of Mexico, and Austrian Archduke Ferdinand Maximilian, who became Mexico’s Emperor Maximilian. It did not end well for Maximilian. Juárez was a fan of Rossini, whose music is alluded to here.

Danzón No. 6 - Puerto Calvario (2010)
A meditative soliloquy.

Goyas (2010)
'Goya' is a cheer with a long history among students at UNAM, Mexico’s great university of over 300,000 students, which commissioned the work. But rather than being purely celebratory, Márquez also reflects on the student movement of 1968 and the violence that followed.

Danzón No. 7 (2012)
One of Marquez’s richest treatments of the danzón. There is an astonishing variety of moods, delivered in long lines of nuanced instrumentation.

En Torno a Frieda y Diego (2007)
Here the strife is domestic. This is a musical portrait of one of the art world’s most celebrated couples – Frieda Kahlo and Diego Rivera ­– whose tempestuous marriage was nearly as famous as their art. The subtitle of the work is: Romance.

La Pasión según San Juan de Letrán (1998)
(Mvt. 2 of Mascaras)
A sublime dénouement.

Alas (a Malala) (2014)
For orchestra and treble chorus, in honor of Malala Yousafzai, advocate for girls’ literacy and human rights, and youngest recipient of the Nobel Prize winner. On a poem by Lily Márquez, the composer’s daughter. Each of the string parts is written in three levels of difficulty, enabling young players to participate.

Mascaras (1998)
Harp Concerto

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Arturo Márquez Danzón No.2 and works by Bernstein · Carreño
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Arturo Márquez
Danzón No. 9

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