Foto: Peter Adamik

Gediminas Gelgotas

(geb. 1986, Litauen)

„My wish is to express deep personal feelings through music, as much as getting very close to the listener. Therefore, I am always looking for the best suited musical language. There is a kind of restless musical hooliganism in my music that expresses a positive appeal to be strong enough to remember, uphold and defend our true identity.

I never felt comfortable with mentally orientated modern art. I am sure, those listening to my music know my inclination, to raise interest by the music's structure and conception, but also to awaken the listeners’ hearts.

And I love minimalism. Minimalism in my life is not what I learnt or heard somewhere, for me it is something I discovered. When something is minimalistic in the amount of information provided, often there are maximum possibilities in reaching its deepest layers. This is how the words „minimal“ and „maximal“ fit together." 
                                                                                             Gediminas Gelgotas

Gediminas Gelgotas und NI&Co:

 Music For Strings
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An End is a beginning
(für Streichorchester, Dauer: 6 Min.)

 Echoes for a thousand Years
(für Streichorchester, Dauer 7:30 Min.)

To the Skies
(S/Vl/Va/Vc, Pno ad lib, Dauer: 3 Min.)

What´s Unrobotizable
(Für Streichquartett, Dauer: 8 Min.)

Unrobotizable 21, Free
(Für Streichorchester, Dauer: 8 Min.)

Never Ignore The Cosmic Ocean
(Für Violine und Klavier, Dauer: 6 Min.)

Never Ignore The Cosmic Ocean
(Für Symphonyorchester und Stimmen, Dauer: 8 Min.)

Extracultural (Symphony No. 1)
(Für Symphonieorchester und Ensemble, Dauer: 43 Min.)

Mountains. Waters. (Freedom)
(Für Symphonieorchester, Dauer: 10 Min.)