01.03.17 Composers

We mourn the loss of Albrecht Gürsching

Albrecht Gürsching passed away at the age of 83 in Hamburg. We are deeply saddened by this loss and our thoughts and our sympathy are with his family and friends.

Albrecht Gürsching was born September 9, 1934 in Nürnberg. A musical family (his father was also a writer and lyricist, his mother a singer) and his first piano teacher (Ernst Gröschel from Nürnberg) were early influences on Gürsching, and he began studies in music in 1955 in Stuttgart which would also lead him to Detmold and Munich between 1955-62 to study composition and oboe. Between 1962-64, he lived in Munich as a freelance composer in addition to being solo oboist of the Munich Chamber Ensemble and oboist of the Stuttgart Instrumental Ensemble.

From 1964 he was instructor for Theory and Composition, Oboe, and Woodwind Chamber Music at the State Conservatory for Music and the Performing Arts in Hamburg and was appointed professor there in 1974. Concert tours and guest professorships led him through Germany, Europe, the Middle East, Asia, Central and West Africa, and Canada.

Since 1971, Gürsching was a member of the Hamburg Free Academy of the Arts. He composed numerous orchestral works, solo concertos, chamber music, and Lieder.

We are very grateful for the many years of fruitful collaboration and offer our heartfelt sympathy to his entire family.