Premiere in France: Weinberg String Quartet Series in Paris

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Quatuor Danel has something special planned for us: From 4 to 8 February 2019, they will be performing all 17 string quartets by Mieczysław Weinberg in the Amphithéâtre of the Philharmonie de Paris. A wonderful treat for all chamber music aficionados! And just in time for the Polish-Russian composer’s centenary year. 

The Belgian quartet, founded in 1991, has been promoting Weinberg’s music for a long time and has contributed significantly to its distribution. Not just the audiences are excited, the press is equally full of praise for the Recording of the complete string quartets by Quatuor Danel: “Hearing these quartets played with such intensity as they are by Quatuor Danel simply takes your breath away. The musical statements of this composer continue to astound and also fascinate the listeners. A must-have for any string quartet fan!”

Another concert series of all Weinberg string quartets will take place on three Sundays starting end of April in the Philipps Collection in Washington.