06.03.17 World Premiere

New Opera by Mohammed Fairouz: 'The New Prince'

©Samantha West

The world premiere of Mohammed Fairouz's opera 'The New Prince' will take place on March 24, 2017 at the Dutch National Opera in Amsterdam under the musical direction of Steven Sloane and the stage direction of Lotte de Beer.

In the year 1513, Italian author Niccolò Machiavelli posed the question how, as ruler in a hostile political environment, one can be successful and not just acquire power, but also preserve it and bring it to a new dimension. How would it be if Machiavelli were to pose this question today?

In Fairouz’s opera 'The New Prince', Machiavelli awakens in the year 2032 and dedicates himself to exactly this topic: Who could our 'new prince' be? Examples from our recent past such as Hitler, Bin Laden, and the Clintons could play a role in Machiavelli’s thought processes.

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