Juan Orrego-Salas turns 100!

It is today, on 18 January 2019, that Chilean composer Juan Orrego-Salas celebrates his 100th birthday. Born 1919 in the Chilean capital Santiago de Chile, he initiated his studies in piano and composition in his native city at age 19, later obtaining diplomas in architecture and musicology. After having lived in the USA for a few years, Orrego-Salas returned to his home country and worked as a professor at the Faculty of Arts of Universidad de Chile from 1947. In later years, he worked as a music critic, founded the Chilean ‘Instituto de Musica’ and then became the head of the ‘Latin American Music Center’ at Indiana University. Shortly before his 70th birthday, he gave up teaching and has been working exclusively as a composer ever since.

Still today, Orrego-Salas is counted amongst the most important Chilean composers of modern times and one of the most well-known figures in Latin American music.