23.06.16 Composers

Crowdfunding-Project: Mieczyslaw Weinberg

©Olga Rachalskaya

The pianist Katarzyna Wasiak would like to dedicate herself to the destiny of the Jewish-Polish cultural heritage. By crowdfunding she would like to perform also works by Mieczyslaw Weinberg.

In cooperation with the Quartett Diverso and the violinist Robert Kowalski Wasiak she would like to perform the following works by Mieczyslaw Weinberg: 'Sonata for violin and piano No. 4', 'Rhapsody on Moldavian Themes, Op. 47/1' and 'Piano Quintet, Op. 18'. The venues should be places of commemoration like the new museum of the Polish Jews in Warsaw or the Villa Oppenheim in Wroclaw.

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