Music for The Twiolins - New Works for two Violins

CD Secret Places - The Twiolins

The series of winning compositions of the Crossover Composition Award (CCA), founded by Marie-Luise und Christoph Dingler, are all going to be published in our new edition. Established as an international composition competition, new works for violin duo are called to be submitted in a 3-years turn. After a pre-selection it is appealed to the audience to decide on the winning titles in the finals festive concert.

The sheet music of the 2012 and 2015 winning titles are for the first time exclusively available in our edition ‚Music for The Twiolins‘.

The Twiolins perform selected works of these winning titles in their concerts, they also have been recorded on their CDs ‚Sunfire‘ and ‚Secret Places‘.


 ‘The Twiolins’ Fascinate and Revolutionize the Crossover Music Scene

“The works were written with the sole purpose of uniting popular music and serious art music into a popular, effective kind of music, which existed up until the time of jazz, but which needed to be re-mixed and re-invented again with the stylistic elements of the individual genres of pop music. Like songs, the works have programmatic titles that announce their expressive and onomatopoeic intent. Alongside the extensive virtuosic pieces which also combine Shakespeare rap, rock, jazz and elements of the devil’s violin, large emotions are called for in chanson-like dances for the sibling soloists […]. And so, this brilliant firework ended with a bombshell [effect] in the ‘Orient Express’, the impressive final explosion of many violin concertos.”
Neue Presse, Coburg, 5.13.2014 – Dr. Peter Müller

“[…] Johannes Söllners ‘Doch Laub und Wolken unter Nacht’ [‘Yet Leaves and Clouds by Night’] […]. The sound textures poetically paint an image of nature that contains within it rawness as well as grace. It is the beauty of the progressive that captivates and takes hold of listeners.”
Manheimer Morgen, 1.31.2014 – mer

“[…] With his ambitious work ‘Orient Express’, Tonio Geugelin (*1991) has coaxed all the finesse of possible timbral effects from the violin. Plucked and bowed using the most varied techniques of bowing to create the most widely diverse timbres, double stops with pizzicato accompaniment, glissandi gliding up and down the strings, a melody of harmonics, or playing with the mute created ever new timbres […]. […] Suites and Divertimenti by Haydn or Mozart were also nothing more than pretty popular music in their day.”
Frankfurter Neue Presse, 2.22.2014 – Brigitte Gaiser


All works and composers are portrayed in this leporello.

Audio samples

Music issues from CCA 2015:

1st Prize: Schillers Nachtflug, Benedikt Brydern
Cat.-No.: 4172

2nd Prize: Rock You vs. Ballerina, Jens Hubert
Cat.-No.: 4173

3rd Prize: Atem - Licht, Johannes Meyerhöfer
Cat.-No.: 4174

4th Prize: Carpathian, Dawid Lubowicz
Cat.-No.: 4175

5th Prize: Metamorphosis, Alexandr Gonobolin
Cat.-No.: 4176

6th Prize: Balkanoid, András Derecskei
Cat.-No.: 4177

Music issues from CCA 2012:

1st Prize: Doch Laub und Wolken unter Nacht, Johannes Söllner

2nd Prize: Orient Express, Tonio Geugelin
Cat.-No.: 3912

3rd Prize: Sonnet ^5, Sophie Pope
Cat.-No.: 3913

5th Prize: Five Two Tango, Jonathan Russell
Cat.-No.: 3914

6th Prize: Schienen-Kapriolen (Capricious Rails), Hans-Günther Allers
Cat.-No.: 3915

Special Prize:
Veitztanz Nr. 1, Michael FP Huber
Cat.-No.: 3916

Written off competition:

An Ant's World, Robert Cohen
Cat.-No.: 4056

Maha Nada, Sebastian Sylla
Cat.-No.: 4057

Sunfire, Franz Cibulka