Blues Beyond Borders 

 . . . make the soul of blues audible . . . 

During the nineties dutch pianist Marcel Worms started commissioning composers to write Blues pieces for piano solo. Up to now, composers from 50 countries wrote about 170 new works. Peermusic Classical publishes a selection of these works in three volumes.

Marcel Worms writes about his project:

Around 1990, my love for both contemporary classical music and jazz resulted in a "love child": the crossover of the two genres, modern composed music with jazz influences. Especially during the 1920s, composers were bitten by the jazz bug, whereas by 1990 it seemed that further development of this genre was clearly in decline. It was my opinion that commissioning composers for new works could provide a new impulse.

The blues is one of the elementary foundations of jazz and its form provides the composer with a clear blueprint which I thought might increase the chance of my request being fulfilled . . . The composers were free to apply the blues in their own manner. The blue notes, the three fundamental chords, the blues keys, and the scheme of 12, 16 or 32 measures could all be used, but were not prerequisite. There was also room for improvisation. The only essential requirement was that each composer, in his own individual way, should try to make the soul of the blues audible, as well as its associated state of mind. 

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NMZ 2010

A higly inventive collection of pieces, compiled by the Dutch pianist Marcel Worms. The Blues lives!

PIANONews 2010 

Blues Beyond Borders is an unusual project from the Dutch jazz pianist Marcel Worms that is now documented in three thick volumes (each accompanied by a CD). During the 1920s, a strange disease gripped many young composers from all over Europe: jazz fever . . . Such a blood transfusion should still be possible a generation later, thought Marcel Worms, a musician equally devoted to jazz and new music, and he started off by asking friends and colleagues for new blues compositions. The circle of insiders progressively expanded until a collection of approximately 170 pieces came into being, 28 of which were selected for this three volume edition. The geographical range is just as evident here as the stylistic: from New Zealand to the USA, from China to the Netherlands, from Armenia to Sudan, from Kosovo to Ireland. It’s almost impossible to describe the richness and colorful variety of this extraordinary collection in detail. Self-engrossed reflections are found here as well as witty performance pieces, big seriousness is found right alongside frivolous exuberance . . .
Each performer will certainly find his own favorite. (Grade 4 - 5 of 5)

New Publication

Blues Beyond Borders - A Soulful Selection


Best.-Nr. 4141 - 11,00 Eur

Blues in the Shape of an Apricot Tree (Kokzhayev, Mikhail)
J'Imali Wali (El-Masri, Abdalla)
White-Black Blues (Alan Mills)
Hidden Blues (André Smith)
Blues for Zephyr (Sibicky, Nicholas A.)

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Standards & Evergreens

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  For Symphony Orchestra:

The Rhythm of Brasil 

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Music for The Twiolins

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