Tobias PM Schneid

(b. 1963, Deutschland)

Tobias PM Schneid ranks among the leading composers of his generation, whose works have found a wide audience and an established place in concert life. His extensive catalogue also includes important commissions and has been distinguished with many international prizes. In his compositions, he focuses on a wide palette of musical idioms that extend from classical and contemporary European music to influences from the areas of free jazz or rock music.

Last Project

"A City's Symphony"
May 5, 2016 Munich, DOK.fest
Munich Chamber Orchestra
Jonathan Stockhammer

Berlin - 1927 
Car traffic on Potsdamer Platz, machines rattling in factories, masses of people flocking to work: in his silent film classic, which celebrates its 90th anniversary in 2017, Walter Ruttmann documents the capital Berlin in all of the colors and facets of the industrial era.
Tobias PM Schneid composed unique music for it, which the nmz has deemed a “virtuoso work”: Without subordinating himself to the images, he let himself be inspired by the film and its time of origin. Thus, sounds of jazz as well as references to the avant-garde are found in equal measure in the composition. At times, flashy, hectic and modern sounds will challenge the viewer, at other times, one can pause for a moment and hear poignant film music or swing along to the dance rhythms.
Ruttmann’s film coupled with Schneid’s spectacular live orchestral music is an impressive and exciting experience that commands all of the senses.

Trailer to the Film Concert

Full Movie with Audio Simulation

New Ballet Music

The Picture of Dorian Gray

Reminiscent of Chopin's waltz op. 34, Nr. 2 up to contemporary sounds.

Newest Publication

Cadenzas I & II

zu: Joseph Haydn, Konzerte C- & D-Dur, Hob. VIIb: 1 & 2

Commissioned Composition

On commission of the ARD Music Competition 2014 Tobias PM Schneid wrote the Suite for Cello solo as obligation piece by the semi-finalists.