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Theo Loevendie

(b. 1930, Niederlande)

"He is being regarded one of the best contemporary composers in the Netherlands, with a style that can be described as free, expressive, experimental and joyful." Calefax Reed Quintet

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The Rise of Spinoza

By the composition of his new opera "The Rise of Spinoza", for which he has also written the libretto, a dream comes true for Theo Loevendie. From his youth he was faszinated by the life and work of Dutch philosopher Baruch de Spinoza (1632-1677). Spinoza is regarded a pionier of the aera of enlightenment.

The concertant premiere took place on 11 October 2014, at Het Concertgebouw, Great Hall, in Amsterdam. Netherlands Radio Philharmonic Orchestra was conducted by Markus Stenz.

Thus, Theo Loevendie accomplished his fifth opera.

"Loevendie wrote the libretto himself, which attempts to tell more about Spinoza than simply the events surrounding his banishment. The composer puts the focus on dialogues and the plot. They are described vividly in the music and hold a lot of promise regarding the production of the opera. It seems like Loevendie’s material is very well suited to this purpose.“
Francois van den Anker,, 13.10.2014

Together for two pianos

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"To write a new work for young talented artists has always been of great joy to me. I had become aware of Lucas and Arthur Jussen by hearing them play on radio and television many times. When we met end of 2012, they asked me to write a work for them. I was commissioned by the ministry and composed 'Together', my first work for two pianos, which is dedicated to the young pianists Lucas and Arthur Jussen."

Theo Loevendie

De Volkskrant

"Loevendie's piece is lucently constructed, poetic dream chords are embedded in wonderful rhythmic figures."
Biella Luttmer about the premiere at the Vredenburg, Utrecht, 2013

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