Sarah Nemtsov

(b. 1980, Deutschland)


For Sarah Nemtsov, the tension between what is remembered and what is forgotten is a deeply existential, personal experience. Not infrequently, this German composer, born in 1980, reflects upon her Jewish heritage, which also has decidedly historical dimensions . . . It is the sound itself that creates space for memory – also with strange material such as the first clarinet sonata by Johannes Brahms and sounds from typewriters, glasses or radios. 

frm, Neue Zürcher Zeitung, February 2013



Busoni Composition Award 2013


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Latest CD

The focus of this portrait CD of the Berlin composer Sarah Nemtsov is her cycle "A LONG WAY AWAY. Passages ". The Ensemble Adapter interprets this work in an exclusive new production, a collaboration of Deutschlandradio Kultur and the German Music Council.


Ensemble Adapter & Gäste
Conductor: Manuel Nawri
Neue Vocalsolisten Stuttgart
Conductor: Daniel Gloger

Release Date: 1 Aug 2012

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Matthias Engler on Sarah Nemtsov’s Cycle A Long Way Away. Passages

Something that is particularly beautiful about the music of Sarah Nemtsov is its unpredictability – its organic nature. One situation occurs, to be taken up by the next – without the noticeable dictates of a construction.

In spite of the often high degree of complexity of the material, her music is always extremely “playable”. Among other things, this certainly has to do with the fact that Sarah Nemtsov herself was active for many years as an oboist. She has the valuable capacity to understand the practical situation of a performance. This is reflected to us positively in her compositions. With the cycle “A Long Way. Passages”, Sarah Nemtsov has created a unique large format, within which Ensemble Adapter could finally move more extensively inside of her special sound world. The staged premiere of the cycle was a fulfilling experience for all participants, a harmonious convergence of music and theater with a similar aesthetic. Also an important leap over the barriers of the stale 10-minute format of today’s new music.

Matthias Engler (percussion), Ensemble Adapter

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(Photo: Regine Koerner)

   Sarah Nemtsov´s five-act opera has been premiered at the Biennale 2012.

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