Photo: © Monika Lawrenz

Reinhard David Flender

(b. 1953, Deutschland)


"The numerical time is transformed by the composition in the polyphony of the subjective time experience, because in our consciousness the perceived and experienced time sounds in three parts as past, present and future. Here I see my role as composer. Based on my own experience of life I am reflecting the quality of the experience of time repeatedly new. From the growth can emerge resolution, from the beginning an end, and if the work turns out well, a moment can become a small eternity."
David Reinhard Flender: "Perceived and experienced time - thoughts about composition" 2003


More about the composer on his personal website.

Perkussiana II

for soprano saxophone, piano and percussion

Order-No.: 3399

CD Aurora

Aurora; Threnos IV; Memorare;
 Pirkei Tehilim for soprano & piano

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