Photo: © Samantha West

Mohammed Fairouz

(b. 1985, USA)

Press Reviews

"DG boasts that he is the youngest composer to have an entire album of his compositions recorded for the label. Fairouz's five-part ballet on the life of [Anwar El] Sadat is both tuneful and reverent. The composer's work crackles with originality and humanity. Fairouz uses the marimba liberally, giving his piece a hue of phantasm."

C. Michael Bailey, allaboutjazz

"The Borromeo players achieve the special balancing act of patience and ferocity in Mohammed Fairouz's Lamentation and Satire, an intensely felt score in which the instruments engage in compelling duos, a fugue of doleful urgency and a farewell utterly bereft of hope."

Donald Rosenberg, Gramophone Magazine

"Mohammed Fairouz . . . experiments with dissonance and microtonality to expressive effect. ‘Four Critical Models’ (2009) uses the violin for its penetrating tone and the saxophone for its insinuating smoothness in a spiky opening; a slow, haunting second movement; and a pensive finale. Inspired by writings about music and Orientalism, the piece features a brilliantly handled third-movement indictment of stereotypically ‘Arab’ music. (Think of snake charmers.)"

Zachary Woolfe, The New York Times

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"No Orpheus"

CD out on February 26, 2016

 "Follow, Poet"

Deutsche Grammophon
CD out on 27 January 2015