Miguel del Aguila
(b. 1957, Uruguay)


"European audiences are often shocked by the disparity of the musical material I use in my works. For instance, right in the middle of a passage that sounds totally 'classical' I’d put elements that would create the feeling of a Brazilian carnival scene or a Big Band from the 1940’s. All this is part of the way I am. I don’t want to belong to any school nor limit myself in any way. I’am many things."
Miguel del Aguila

Latin Grammy Award

Miguel del Aguila's CD 'Salón Buenos Aires' was nominated for a Latin Grammy Award (2010, Category: Best Classical Album) as well as his piano quintet 'Clocks' (2011, Category: Best Classical Contemporary Composition). Now Latin Recording Academy announced its nomination for this year's Latin Grammy award. Including among the nominees was composer Miguel del Aguila's work 'Concierto en Tango' for the catagory 'Best Contemporary Classical Composition'. The work is commissioned and premiered May 2014 by Buffalo Philharmonic Orchestra and released on the Beau Fleuve Label last November.

Miguel del Aguila writes about 'Concierto en Tango':

"In 2012 Roman Mekinulov suggested to me the idea of writing a concerto in tango form that would explore the less classical sound and technique of the cello. I liked this idea, as the cello has the intensity and expressivity of a tango singer and is an escellent medium for such a work."

Miguel del Aguila writes about 'Clocks':

"The image of clocks allows me to explore many different sounds and ways of sound creation - by letting pluck the strings of the piano, or by using extremely high registers, unusual pizzicati and rhythmic ostinati on the strings."

Salon Buenos Aires

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