Henry Fourès

(b. 1948, Frankreich)

Henry Fourès - Composer, interpreter, mediator, artist

Henry Fourès is a contemporary composer with a broad approach. His eclectically working process allows himself to transact with artists of diverse sections and styles. He writes symphonies, chamber and electronic music as well as compositions for ensembles and vocal music. Henry Fourès also conceptually designs and realizes interactive performances, radio and TV plays and music happenings.

A range of solo pieces such as Gegenlicht for bass clarinet, Kristall for alto saxophone, Vom Blau for double bass, or Célébration du fa for Piano as well as choral pieces (Célébration de la Fatigue, Cinq Six Onze) are currently published by peermusic classical.


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Célébration de la Caresse
Célébration de la caresse
Célébration de Ióiseau
Vom Blau
Célébration du fa

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