Photo: Torsten Kollmer

Elmar Lampson

(b. 1952, Deutschland)

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Elmar Lampson's music has a certain something which is commonly called "soul". This is evident in the way the music wraps around the listener und guides him through time with sound patterns. Source of inspiration for the Mysterienszenen have been the Mysteriendramen by Rudolf Steiner, Lampson has been familiar with his ideas from youth on.

Soloist ensemble of the International Mahler Orchestra
Yoel Gamzou
Col legno WWE 1CD 20407

Col Legno


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“The decisive aspect is that music is music. It is there because it is, in fact, something and not because it means something or even refers to something else… in silence and listening, it opens up an inner realm that is as far removed from describable, communicable reality as sleeping is from waking.”

Elmar Lampson