Photo: Ilse Bing, © Schnabel Music Foundation

Artur Schnabel

(1882 - 1951, USA)

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As a Pianist he achieved fame during his lifetime, as a composer he has been recently more and more noticed and appreciated.  Starting with compositions for his own use he created Piano Pieces, Lieder and, in 1901 his first large work the Piano Concerto in d-minor. In  the following years he composed mostly chamber music, especially for strings. After his emigration to New York in 1939 he dedicated himself to the larger symphonic forms.  

Since 2005 Peermusic Classical, in collaboration with the Schnabel Music Foundation, is publishing the works of Artur Schnabel. On this site see our latest editions, some of them published for the first time.

Film Premiere

Am Sonntag, dem 4. Februar, feiert Matthew Mishorys Film über Arthur Schnabel auf ARTE seine Premiere. Ab 23:05 Uhr erleuchtet Mishory Leben und Werk Arthur Schnabels und fokussiert sich nicht nur auf dessen Errungenschaften als Pianist, sondern auch sein Schaffen als Komponist.

Sehen Sie den Trailer zum Mishory-Film hier.

Artur Schnabel:
String Quartet No. 1
Notturno for Alto & Piano